Meatiful Sausage Farm Reared Duck with Brown Rice and Vegetables Dog Food

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  • A complete pet food for dogs from 1 month.
  • Hypoallergenic & Gluten Free
  • Made with 80% Duck
  • Vet Approved 
  • Made in the UK 

Meatiful are the champions of Great British food for dogs. Meatiful sausages are made for canine connoisseurs. Vets love them, and dogs do too. Let us show your dog how to truly enjoy their meat.
The range includes four mouth-watering varieties: British Chicken, Farm-Reared Duck and Atlantic Salmon and Farm-Reared Grain Free Turkey. With Meatiful, your dog gets a balanced, digestible meal that supports tissue growth and repair. Some think sausages ooze saturated fats - these ooze quality.
Meatiful pride themselves on supplying healthy pet food that dogs adore. Whatever variety you decide on, your pooch is sure to love these sausages.

This Meatiful Sausage with Farm Reared Duck, Brown Rice and Carrots is a complete wet dog food that is 100% Natural, 100% Gluten Free and 100% Delicious. This dog food is made 80% fresh duck with vet-approved recipes and the sausages are hypoallergenic and contain no wheat, dairy or soya. They are perfect for dogs at all stages of life and are suitable for puppies from 5 months to older dogs with sensitivies. They have added vitamins and minerals making them a great complete wet dog food for your dog.

-Supports healthy digestion;
-Kind on delicate tummies;
-Kind on sensitive tummies;
-Healthy digestion;
-Gentle on digestion;
-Made with natural ingredients, with added vitamins and minerals;
-Vet approved;
-Gluten free;
-Made with 80% Fresh Meat;
-Single protein source to support tissue growth, repair and maintenance;
-Made in the UK;
-No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives;
- 100% complete and balanced;
-Brown rice is a source of slow release fibre;
-Freshly prepared;
-Slowly steam cooked to maintain nutrient content;
-Added yucca extract to reduce stool odour;
-No added sugar;
-Wheat free recipe;
-Quality ingredients chosen with care;
-Premium ingredients;
-No added meat meals;
-No added dairy, soya or eggs;
-Puppy Friendly

  • Farm Reared Duck 80%, Brown Rice 4%, Carrots 4%, Peas 4% from Dried Peas, Minerals.

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