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42 Teeth - 100% Kangaroo Tendons - 85g

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100% Venison Tendons

42 Series is a series of chewy treats, which are all natural and beneficial for your dog's dental health and joints.

Kangaroo Tendons is a long lasting chew with very high protein but lower fat. It contains many minerals, especially iron & zinc, and natural chondroitin that good for Arthritis dogs. Kangaroo meats or tendons could well be the highest known source of the healthy fat CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). Providing the happy medium ground between being very soft and very hard dog treats and are 100% natural, Kangaroo tendons are the ideal teeth cleaning and gum strengthening dog treat.

Benefits ;
- Rich in collagen, calcium and proteins
- Beneficial to bones and joints
- Effective in removal of plaque and prevention of tooth decay
- Completely digestible

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