Bugsy - Fish Slithers Australian Mackeral Fish Strips

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These fish are wild caught* so they are not fed with genetically modified feed, antibiotics, wheat and starches like farmed fish are, which means their Omega-3 oils are much higher. Fish belly is where most of the Omega-3 oils are stored, making this a great topper during meal times.

If you are feeding your dogs chicken or pork which is low in Omega-3, Fish Slithers will be the perfect condiment for your pet's diet!

Suitable for All Life Stages.

Product Highlights:
• Dehydrated with nothing else added
• Rich in Omega-3 Oils for healthy skin and coat
• Great for cardiovascular health
• Ideal as a topper during meal times
Ingredients: Mackerel Belly

Nutritional Analysis:
Crude Protein: 23.8%
Crude Fat: 17.8%

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