Beaphar - Ear Cleanser - 50ml Beaphar

Beaphar - Ear Cleanser - 50ml

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A gentle yet effective ear cleaner specifically developed for cats and dogs, BEAPHAR Ear Cleaner effectively aids the removal of ear wax and debris from the ear canal, ideal for regular use.

Containing active ingredients for effective results, BEAPHAR Ear Cleaner is easy to use, with a soft applicator nozzle in each box to protect the ear. It’s suitable for all cats and dogs from 12 weeks of age, specially formulated to remove ear wax and other debris from the ear canal of your pet.

Gentle yet effective, BEAPHAR Ear Cleaner is alcohol-free and will not irritate the ear. It contains Cetrimide the provide a mild antiseptic action, along with cooling menthol to soothe any skin irritation in the ear preventing discomfort. In addition, it contains MSM known in human healthcare for its properties in supporting healthy skin. Upon contact with skin, MSM helps to rejuvenate cells leaving the skin moisturised and soothed.

Ear mites generally thrive in dirty ears which often have wax build-up. Regular cleaning with BEAPHAR Ear Cleaner can help to prevent ear mites and other ear problems in cats and dogs, suitable for all breeds over 12 weeks of age.

How to use:

Prime the applicator nozzle and place the end at the entrance of the ear canal.
Squeeze in 6-8 drops and gently massage the ear canal (at the base of the ear) from the outside to help the cleansing process
Wipe any excess cleaner and dislodged wax from the top of the ear canal with cotton wool or tissues
Repeat the process until the cotton wool or tissue is clean after wiping the top of the ear canal
To prevent cross contamination, always use a new piece of cotton wool or tissue for each ear. Use twice weekly to prevent the build-up of wax and other debris in the ear canal.

Important: Only clean areas you can see. DO NOT attempt to push anything down the ear canal, e.g. a cotton bud, as this may damage the lining of the ear or even damage the ear drum.

Active Ingredients: Cetrimide 1.5mg, Chlorhexidine gluconate 0.15mg, MSM.

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