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Hunter’s Quinoa Chips – Sweet Chilli Salsa

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These wavy, harvest-golden Quinoa Chips, made by Hunter Foods, are full of the goodness of the ancient grain, Quinoa, one of the superfoods. They are powered with the tangy, spicy, sweet and savory tasting sensation, of the Sweet Chilli Salsa, one addictive crunch after another. In addition, these chips are completely gluten, MSG and GMO free, with no artificial colours, and suitable for vegans! Another delicious addition to our Better for You range of wellness snacks!

Quinoa is called an ancient grain because it was domesticated thousands of years ago. The Incas referred to it as “Mother of All Grains”.

Quinoa Chips – Sweet Chilli Salsa (28gm) 28gm Packet. Alternative Snacks, Vegan, Gluten free, MSG Free, Non GMO, No Artificial Colours, No Transfat, No Cholesterol, Dairy Free, Lactose Free, Halal.

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