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Pick up a poo today. Inspire change tomorrow. #INVISIBLEBAG

Each box contains 120 bags to last for 2-4 months (depending on how much your dog likes to poo). Plus, dog poo bag holder bundles are available for plastic-free walkies! Reduce the amount of toxic plastic in our landfills by replacing conventional plastic poo bags today. 

#INVISIBLEPOOBAG is water soluble, which almost instantly dissolves in water that is above 65℃; or slowly dissolves under a lower temperature. Do not tie and knot before flushing. One bag at a time.

#INVISIBLEPOOBAG is proven to be biodegradable under high-solids anaerobic-digestion conditions by ASTM D5511.

#INVISIBLEPOOBAG is non-toxic and does not contain PP, PE, PS, PVC plastic; proven by the EEQ test and the FTIR analysis.

Pick up your pets poo using the bag and then you get to choose what happens next; either flush it down the toilet or dispose of it in a pet waste bin! Make sure you don’t tie your bag and remove the air inside before flushing, only ever flush one bag at a time, otherwise it will be harder to flush.

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