lambwolf - Collar - Fossil Wide

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FOSSIL WIDE is the wide version of FOSSIL at 3.5cm width. It is named after a subtle dip in the middle as if the weave is submerging. It is perfect for those who are looking for a wide collar with an elegant look.

Paracord is marked by its lightweight and strong qualities. When woven together, it creates a strong part that is extremely sturdy, resistant to rot, mildew and durable.

The woven paracord part works just like a padding to absorb shock when the collar is pulled. Together with its lightness, our collars offer a comfortable wear both at rest and during training.


  • each collar is made with a continuous paracord that can be used for emergencies
  • waterproof adjustment belt in matching color + water resistant paracord
  • rust resistant solid rings
  • each collar is hand woven and each might be slightly different from another

We do not recommend this wide style for XS/ S size pets.

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