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100g. Beaphar Toothpaste with meat flavour offers daily protection for your dog's teeth. The paste counteracts plaque and prevents the formation of tartar, resulting in fresher breath.

Dental hygiene is just as important for our pets as it is for us. Regular care of your pet’s teeth will prevent problems developing and help to keep your pet healthy, as well as preventing stressful and expensive veterinary treatment. Main causes of dental problems is lack of a regular dental care regime and feeding an inappropriate diet.

Healthy teeth should be shiny and cream/white in colour with no rough patches on the surface. The gums should be pink and bad breath should be minimal.

Plaque is a common problem. It consists of a soft layer of bacteria, and sugars which accumulate from saliva and food. Plaque usually accumulates around the gums, but can also occur in other places, especially if these are difficult for the pet to clean with its tongue. Age and individual predisposition (i.e. some individuals are more likely than others to suffer from it) are also defining factors for plaque formation. You can remove plaque by careful, regular toothbrushing.

Tartar is the result of not removing plaque, which calcifies into a hard layer. Everywhere that plaque forms is liable to develop into tartar. You can’t brush tartar away; your veterinary surgeon will need to remove it.

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