West Paw -- Rowdies Custer Dog Plush Toy

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Rowdies® combines two of their's sturdiest technologies, reinforced HardyTex® fabric with durable mesh backing and Zogoflex® chew zones. The results? An enticing, extremely durable plush dog toy with embroidered eyes cannot be plucked off by teeth. Rowdies contain a squeaker to prompt play and Zogoflex chew zones for extra gnawing.

• CHEW ZONES - Zogoflex® Chew Zones provide a durable, designated area for dogs who love to gnaw and nibble.
• DURABLE FUR - With HardyTex fur Rowdies are built for Rough Play.
• SQUEAKY - All toys in this collection contain an audible squeaker.
• Best for smaller dogs with big play drives
• Custer is an ideal shape for snuggling and gentle chewing
• Handcrafted in Bozeman MT
• Machine Washable
• Filled with recycled Intelliloft® fill


Width: 3.25 in/8 cm
Height: 11 in/28 cm

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