Wildebeast - Funston Dog Leash

Regular price $238.00

  • Rain or shine, here is the perfect everyday leash to keep pup by your side.
  • 4 ft length of tangle free, waterproof coated webbing strap
  • Grippy handle reinforced with nylon fabric
  • Flexible enough to wrap around hand easily
  • Lightweight but not flimsy
  • Use with a Funston Baggie (available separately) or attach your own poopbag holder to D-ring
  • Wipe down with wet cloth to clean
  • Got a teething pup? Do not leave this tasty leash on and walk away! Keep training :)

Size: 3/4" wide x 4 ft long
Material: Matte coated webbing / Nylon handle / Snap hook clasp / D-ring

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